Type: Medium (Trooper)

A Pictorial Guide

© Angela Tiede. Image: Mare Faith.

Mare Classic Faith was born on 12 August 2016, sire Classic Ezekiel (Cordillo/ Newhaven) and dam Rigoletto (foundation Newhaven). She is classified as Medium. These photographs show how she has developed over time, illustrating the type we have to this day, which is now getting harder to find but was the most common type during our horse-trading days.

Follow Faith’s development from foal to six years, showing her development over that time into a classic example of an elegant solid boned medium Waler.

Sire Classic Ezekiel (16yrs, 2022) and dam Newhaven Rigoletto with new foal Faith

Faith’s first few weeks

Faith in first year

Faith in second year

Faith in third year

Waler mare Faith

Lines slimming down as Faith puts on height, before starting to bulk out a bit in following years.

Faith in fourth year

Five year old Waler mare Faith

Faith in fifth year

Five year old Waler mare Faith in roundyard

Faith in sixth year

Waler mare Faith

Faith is just beginning to show her adult Waler potential. She is starting to mature out as a fine example of the Trooper type, now approx 15.1hh. I expect her to continue to fill out, perhaps even add an inch in height.

My gelding Newhaven Fisher is also a medium, these pics show him as an approx. 3yr old and then approx. 6, then below in his mid-teens. He transformed after age 6, who would have believed it?!

Rigoletto, Faith’s dam, is also a medium type. Aged approx. five in first picture, and then mid-late-teens.

Posted by Angela Tiede

Educator and Waler advocate and owner since 2006.