The Waler Database is supporting two projects featuring endangered Waler ponies and Timor ponies.

Do you know of any old bloodline ponies? They need all the help they can get.

Assistance Welcomed

Please contact us if you can help, we would love you to join in.
Information, photographs, ideas, practical support, questions … funding.

Waler Pony Stallion Gallant

Where is our Waler Pony?

Once plentiful and in high demand from our export customers, the Waler Pony is facing immediate extinction, with only a few in domestic situations known to us.

Timor Pony

Where is our Timor Pony?

Timor Ponies are an ancient breed, now rare. Facing extinction in the domestic situation in Australia, a handful of advocates are working to try and prevent this.



    Timor Pony DNA

    Timor Pony DNA

    We have been liaising with Brandon Velie at Sydney University and our project is now underway. He is the genealogist who is analyzing the Snowy River Brumbies (KNP), so our project sits nicely within this.

    Read about the project here