The Waler Database is supporting projects to locate and document endangered Australian bred ponies, once plentiful.

Do you know of any old bloodline ponies? They need all the help they can get.

Assistance Welcomed

Please contact us if you can help, we would love you to join in.
Information, photographs, ideas, practical support, questions … funding.

Waler mare Hale and her colt foal Pinjee

Where is our Waler Pony?

Once a thriving population and in high demand from our export customers, the Waler Pony is facing immediate extinction, with only a few in domestic situations known to us.

Silver Valley Pony mare, Billy Jean, AJ Tanner photo

Where are our Silver Valley Ponies?

These ponies have a fabulous history of top-class breeding from the horse days and even more exciting – and appropriate for their area – some have the rare silver gene.



    Silver Valley Ponies

    Silver Valley Ponies

    Australian bred ponies were tough! Now extremely rare, but we believe some are still around the Silver Valley/ Petford Range area in Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands.

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