War Facts for Kids

Compiled by Angela Tiede. Image: Hurley, James Francis (Frank). Palestine, Esdud. 9 January 1918 . AWM.

It can be hard to explain to children the war time context for our Waler horses, so here are some facts about WW1 to help the conversation. Walers were used in conflicts from the Boer War onwards by our forces and others from around the world but are most well-known in connection with our Light Horsemen in the First World War.

The attached document can be printed for educational purposes and covers topics such as field ambulances, the bugle call, some names of horses used by our Light Horsemen, and basic facts about WW1 and the famous Battle of Beersheba.

More resources for older children and adults can be found here.

Posted by Enoch Waler

Waler gelding purpose bred to help educate and advocate for Walers, in person and via Facebook and Instagram.