Type: Light (Officer)

A Pictorial Guide

© Angela Tiede. Image: Mare Aria.

Follow Waler mare Aria’s development from foal to age eleven, showing her development into a classic example of a light Waler, with elegant, refined lines.

Mare Classic Aria was born on 9 September 2011, sire Classic Ezekiel (Cordillo/Newhaven) and dam Tipperary (foundation Cordillo). She is classified as Light. These photographs show how she has developed over time, illustrating the type we have to this day, indeed the most prolific type remaining in our domestic Walers.

Classic Ezekiel (approx. 10yrs) and Tipperary (with new foal Aria)

Aria’s first weeks

Aria in first year

Waler filly Aria aged one

Aria in her summer coat now, still very fine to look at and living life out in the big paddock with the grown-ups. As her mum Tipperary was never domesticated, her choice, yearling Aria walks a fine line between loving human company and avoiding it just like her mum told her to do from day one.

Aria between second and third year (first on left)

Aria in fifth year (riding career has commenced, height now 14.2hh approx)

Aria in sixth and seventh year

Aria in eighth year

Aria in ninth and tenth year

Aria in eleventh year (2022). She is maturing out as a fine example of the Officer type, still gaining bulk, and beautiful as ever. Who would have believed that tiny foal could fill out as she has, retaining her fine lines in her robust Waler body, still with her mealy muzzle and old-fashioned brown colour all over, no darker points.

Waler mare Aria in grass

In my experience the adult Waler potential is best revealed after age six, as demonstrated in this sequence of pictures. Aria did not exhibit any real bulk until then and continued to fill out afterwards. Always a surprise to me, but demonstrated every time.

Posted by Angela Tiede

Educator and Waler advocate and owner since 2006.