Photographing Walers: a Hobby

Mike’s first visit to take photos was in May 2011, during a very wet period where my driveway was just mud so he had to walk from the front gate as his car was not a 4WD.

One Year On

Please help us celebrate our first year of the new website by visiting us often to learn and enjoy, sharing links from our pages, and making contact if you know anything more about the Walers that are in our database, or should be.

Todd River Downs Horse Capture

For those interested here is the timeline of steps taken along the journey to capturing and bringing to Victoria horses from Todd River Downs, NT. In addition, a diary of milestones noted in their first year of captivity.

Inaugural Victorian Brumby Show

Angela Tiede recalls the debut of Fisher and Pearl at the inaugural Victorian Brumby Show in 2009. Fisher and Pearl are foundation Newhaven station Walers, which means they can also be brumbies for the purposes of showing. So, why not enter the first brumby show run by the Victorian Brumby Association?

It Seemed Sensible at the Time

Documenting history is a key focus for this website so I have decided to share a project that seemed sensible at the time, just after I had got involved with the Walers.

Stockman’s Challenge for Beginners

I have claimed that my stallion Classic Ezekiel is an all-rounder, and so he is. We started our competition partnership in breed classes at Agricultural shows, added adult riding rings to our repertoire, then stockman’s challenges and working equitation events.