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Image: AWM. Egypt. Captain Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson (right) of 2nd Remounts, Australian Imperial Force.

The Waler story is fascinating, broad-ranging, inspiring, and sad, but far too little known. Fortuitously, once you start exploring, it is very difficult to stop!

If you have suggestions for this list please let us know so we can add to it for the enjoyment of all who come across it. We have barely touched the surface here and would like to have as broad an offering for all who want to journey with Walers.

A printable resource document covering war facts for younger children is available here. We also have two other printable documents covering topics relevant to everyday life back in the day when horses were essential.

We trust you are enjoying our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us with information or photos about the horses in this database or the locations from which the foundation generation was sourced, or with your own family story which links to this history.

To inspire your contribution, here is an example of how we have used family history and photographs from WW1, and this one is another great story inspired by family photographs and history sent to us.

Food for thought – a selection of resources to inform


Australian War Memorial:

Trove: National Library of Australia:

Waler Data Base @ Facebook:

Waler Database: https//

J.Lane Blog:


Australia on Horseback – Cameron Forbes

The Australian Lighthorse – Roland Perry

Bill the Bastard – Roland Perry

Ebook on Australian War Memorial website: M is for Mates

Poems and songs

A.B.Paterson: The Last Parade

Arthur Henry Adams: The Wonderful Aussie Waler

Eric Bogle: As If He Knows

Prousty: What Happened to the Horses


Conversations with Richard Fidler: Janet Lane and Ros Sexton’s quest to save the Waler Horse

Landline with Tim Lee: Battle of Beersheba: The living legacy of the Light Horsemen’s daring WWI cavalry charge


The Waler: Australia’s Great War Horse, produced by Marian Bartsch

Note: this is a brief list to whet your appetite….

Posted by Angela Tiede

Educator and Waler advocate and owner since 2006.