Russo-Japanese War 1904-05

Over 1903 to 1905 (the war was 1904-5) Japan bought a minimum of 100,000 horses from us – I’ve researched the numbers – probably a lot more.

Patrick Lenny

Patrick (Paddy) Lenny. A great bush character. He bred a lot of good horses in the Barkly Tablelands of the Northern Territory and Queensland…

Yalca: the Pony that went to War

Ponies weren’t accepted by the army, this is only the third one I’ve found going to the war, however as it was privately owned and by an officer, a blind eye was turned to his height. What a champion indeed, thank you Yalca.

Never Forgotten

We have been gratefully enjoying the many personal photographs and stories sent in to our FaceBook page and love to take the opportunity to record and share them.

Walers in the Philippines

Before North America took over the Philippines in 1898, we’d had a good horse trade to the Spanish there, who’d been the occupiers for 333 years.

Cobb & Co

Cobb & Co was probably Australia’s most famous coaching line, running in Western Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Feeding Horses in WW1

An army marches on its stomach and horses have big tum tums! Especially Walers – a large gut area means they thrive on low quality feed. In war the feed is mostly low quality.