Mt Riddock Foals bought by Reg Wilson

In 1986 Reg Wilson purchased 17 foals on Mt Riddock station as all horses were being eradicated including the dams of those foals (one pictured here). We know that most of those foals went to Arnhem Land and some to the Darwin area. Do you have details or photos of any of these foals?

Bay mare photographed on Mt Riddock station, 1986

GoGo Station Horse Capture

We know that 20 horses were captured on GoGo Station in 1993 but only have details of 16 in our database (including 2 subsequent foals). Do you have any more photos or information about them (or their offspring), or for the other 6 horses captured?

Aerial photograph of GoGo Station in Western Australia

Todd River Downs horses

We know full details of 20 horses (& 3 subsequent foals) captured on Todd River Downs in 2019. Do you know of other horses from this station from two previous truck loads (in 2012) where it appears mainly broken coloured youngsters were rescued in Alice Springs & at Peterborough SA (34 are on our record)?

Horses in holding yards on Todd River Downs

Any photographs to share?

Photographs and stories about the original source stations are of great interest to our audience. Do you have any to share with us?

Loves Creek Station Walers

Do you have any stories?

Stories about the horses are a powerful way to engage with them. Do you have any stories about any of the horses in the database, in particular from the foundation generation?

Foundation Waler gelding Fisher staring pensively into the distance

Checked your Walers yet?

We don’t have photographs or full details for all the horses in our database. Have you checked the Walers you know and supplied us with photos and any missing/revised details you may have?

Foundation Waler mare Pearl staring at the photographer

Cordillo Downs

40 horses were rescued from Cordillo Downs Station in 1988. We know about 27. You can see them listed in our database here. Do you know what happened to the rest of the horses?

Cordillo Downs, D Skubbs, National Archives of Australia
Cordillo Downs, D Skubbs, National Archives of Australia