Conservation Grazing

Conservation grazing is done very successfully in so many countries. It’s all about adequate management, with local people forming groups to do this.

Of basic significance is that wild horses/native horses and ponies graze totally differently to domestic equines.

Brigadier’s Story

Brig was from Mt Riddock Station north of Alice Springs. Reg Wilson obtained him for me in 1987 shortly after I left the Northern Territory to move back to Canberra.

Walers in Action

Horses were once all we had for work and transport, they had to be safe, versatile, easy to keep, and above all, sensible. A good horse with comfortable action was always in high demand, and still is today!

Tales of Took

Hyland Quambatook (or Took as he is known to friends) was born on the 26th of September, 2011. He is the first foal to be born at the Hyland Walers stud.

‘Paddy’ English, and pony Pinto

We were very excited to be contacted by John Ellis via our website with a photograph of his grandfather mounted on a horse. John asked if the horse could possibly be a Waler, based on what he had been looking at on the website.