Walers are a uniquely Australian mix of the horses brought to the Colony to provide transport and facilitate communication, settlement and farming in our harsh environment. Walers were bred to suit local conditions so successfully that they were also exported all over the world up until the mid-twentieth century.

Despite efforts to save the breed, the old blood lines and types are fast disappearing. This public record is intended to help ensure that we do not lose them, providing opportunity for public assistance.

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Foundation Walers


We don’t have photographs or full details for all the horses in our database. Have you checked the Walers you know and supplied us with photos and any missing/revised details you may have?

Foundation Waler mare Pearl staring at the photographer
Australian Waler Horse Database
Walers at farm in Victoria Australia


The Waler horse is something most will just read about in history books; or recognise from legendary feats such as the Charge at the Battle of Beersheba. They are however not a relic of history, and several groups have been working since the 1980s to secure their future, with remnant herds likely still existing in remote Australia.

Our database provides a place to record our foundation generation of Waler horses and their offspring, acknowledging their significant contribution to our history. To ensure our Walers are still here for future generations to know, we are collecting this information for owners, breeders and the generally interested.

Foal Indi with poppy sculpture
Craig Marstersons great great grandmother Mary Anne Busbridge, 1891

Irvinebank, Atherton Tablelands

Enoch Waler

This fabulous photo is Craig’ Marsterson’s great great grandmother, photo taken in Irvinebank, 1891.

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How you can help

The Waler Database is a work in progress. Our team has spent years collecting information. Now we need your help to improve the records. Please send in any Waler details you can recall.

Advice, corrections, photographs and stories are all welcome.

Without your contribution we will not be able to provide a comprehensive public record, and without one, our old-fashioned Walers will likely be lost to us all.

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'An image of a Cobb & Co. coach, fully laden with passengers crossing the Flinders River at Gillespie Crossing (at the eastern end of Brodie Street, Hughenden), ca.1890.' Flinders Shire Council Historical Photos

Cobb & Co

Enoch Waler

Cobb & Co was probably Australia’s most famous coaching line, running in Western Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

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