GoGo Adventures (part1)

At the time of saving Walers in the 1980’s and 1990’s, most if not all came from Central Australia. We needed to seek new genes to prevent a genetic bottleneck.

Calliope Station

Good horsemen owned Calliope. It was known as Calliope Stud Stock Station when the Thompsons had it for their cattle and horses.

Phenotype and Genotype

The Waler is a rare breed. The more we can learn and share what we know, the more secure their future will be. For the expert and the amateur alike, education is the most powerful tool available.

From the time Walers were actively bred, they were bred in the range situation, essentially as wild horses in huge areas of tough country.

A Look at Conformation

This remains a basic handbook, written before the internet (yes there was a time before the internet!) Done for Classifiers, it was compiled by observing Walers and researching Australian horses of the past and is shared here for those interested in what to look for in our old-fashioned horse.

Colour and Markings

The first Colours and Markings guide for Walers, once done for Classifiers, was written before the internet; even when the internet started it was some years before scholarly articles appeared on diverse subjects. Now we know the genetics behind colours and marking.

More About Spots

Spots are discussed in our post Colour and Markings. This post is to supplement the information there as it will be helpful especially to those with Snowy Mountains brumbies now seeking known breeding links to the past.

Sarie Marais

Happy (Sarie Marais), once a rogue and originally from Wilpena Pound, had been pulled off the meat truck at several stations to see if anyone could ride her.

Sir Rupert Clarke

Sir Rupert was as enterprising as his ancestors, the horses he shipped to Colombo and India were described as the best ever sent from Australia.

Battle of Beersheba

The Charge of Beersheba is celebrated as one of the best in history. Here is the who, why, where, when and how of that day.
An intrinsic part of Australian identity, a tremendous example of courage and the spirit of Australians in what seem insurmountable situations.

John Hull: Gentleman and Waler Supporter

John had a big, truly beautiful farm at Saltwater River, Tasmania; still in the family. Back in 1986 when I formed the Waler Society, John was very supportive. I hadn’t met him before but heard he had a Waler – after a phone call he kindly asked me down to his farm, Blackjack.