Silver Valley Ponies

Australian bred ponies were tough! Now extremely rare, but we believe some are still around the Silver Valley/ Petford Range area in Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands.

Julius Gove

Gove had his own company, Julius Gove and Co., and specialised in shipping to Bombay. He created such a sound company, it traded on long after his death in 1922.

Sir Sidney Kidman

Sir Sidney Kidman, born in 1857, is the subject of books, as he should be, having worked his way up from nothing to being the biggest landowner in the world.

Ernabella Station

Ernabella in the Musgrave Ranges, was named by John Carruthers who did extensive surveying and exploring there in the 1880’s. He was based there for four years doing trigonometric surveys for government.

James Edward (Jim) Robb

The Grand Hotel in Calcutta (now the Oberoi) had a “Waler Corner” where Australian horse traders met; often after the horses were sold at the Army Remount Depot at Alipore. Some traders such as Jim Robb stayed here.

Bago State Forest

Bloodlines would go back to some of the earliest horses brought to Australia, they are wise, good natured, strong, safe horses.

GoGo Adventures (part3)

There was a set of yards shaded by a few pretty trees (only the boabs get big there, don’t like to boast but we do have proper trees in Tassie but one wouldn’t say that up there) and in the yards were a lot of wild horses – they’d been mustered by chopper a day or two before.

GoGo Adventures (part2)

Next morning we walked to the Fitzroy River. Normally the bridge is high above it, but now a raging yellow torrent gushed over it. Trucks and cars stranded either side.