Timor Ponies at the Summer Royal

Compiled by Angela Tiede, January 2024. Image: Timor Pony filly foal Ningrum and her winning garland for Supreme Champion Led of the Timor Ponies in the Rare Breeds ring at the 2024 Summer Royal Show, with her dam Indira looking on proudly.

What a weekend! Timor Ponies, an important background breed of the Waler, were invited to compete in the Rare Breeds ring yesterday at the Summer Royal Show held at the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre over Saturday and Sunday. Determined to get them out and seen, Timor Pony advocate and owner Barb Bleicher persuaded a few helpers to make the journey and pitch in. Stallion Xanthos, colt Banjo, mare Indira and her seven-month old filly foal Ningrum made it into the ring looking a million dollars.

Timor pony stallion Xanthos, filly foal Ningrum, mare Indira, and colt Banjo in the Rare Breeds ring at the 2024 Summer Royal Show in Melbourne
Timor pony stallion Xanthos, mare Indira, filly foal Ningrum, and colt Banjo

A momentous occasion and a huge effort from all those involved, no doubt all ponies and people are having a rest day today. What a privilege to share in this event, and to be able to post Barb’s inspiring and insightful words about this moment in time on the website: the Timors were an absolute credit to her and their breed.

“Do you ever have those periods in time where you know you are exactly where you need to be, doing what you are meant to be doing??

I just had a week like that.

It started with a phone call/catch up with one of the Senior Traditional Owners of the Cobourg Peninsula, with whom I will be catching up with after Savannah has had her foal. He assured me that he also is excited for the findings of the DNA project and that he also envisioned an equal partnership in the way forward into the future with the preservation of the Timor Ponies history!

His/their support has such a HUGE meaning on so many levels. Not only are they the custodians of this ancient breed of ponies, which they have looked after since the ponies arrival from the Timor Islands in the early 1800’s, but their willingness to embrace not only ponies into country, but now also accepting to liaise with this slightly crazy white woman who is determined to preserve the pony in their country as well as in domestication and get them the status in the equine world that they deserve!!!!!!

I was so humbled, happy and emotional that I couldn’t stop crying……… just to imagine that not only has the Timor Pony the best chance of survival, but the congregation from differing backgrounds and cultures, and the working together and communicating honestly and openly speaks volumes all on it’s own!!!

I am so truly lucky!!!!

I can only hope that they realize that I recognize, value and appreciate their ancient knowledge and DNA as much as I do the Timor Ponies!!!!!

And then after that emotional rollercoaster, we got straight into getting some registered Pure Domestic Timor Ponies ready to show at the Werribee Summer Show Rare Breeds Ring.

May I add that the Timor Pony has not been shown (at any show, yet alone one so big) in over a decade!

I had put out a call for help quite some time ago, as showing is just really not my thing.

And help arrived!!!!!

(Yes, another humble and emotional moment in my life)

I hope the pictures do tell the story!

Timor Pony filly foal Ningrum wins Supreme in Rare Breeds ring at the 2024 Summer Royal Show in Melbourne.
Filly foal Ningrum wins Supreme Champion Timor Pony

A MASSIVE Thanks to Katy for organizing Timors to be included in the Rare Breeds Ring, Kate for transporting horses and keeping me stable, AJ and Susie for washing, cleaning and generally prepping the ponies and taking them into the showring……. and Angela for her ongoing support and being there whenever and wherever she is needed.

We had A LOT of fun!!!!

Waler advocate Angela, Timor Pony advocate Barb and Brumby advocate Angel relaxing before the 2024 Summer Royal Show in Mebourne where the Timor Ponies have been entered in the Rare Breeds Ring

But again, the BEST thing was observing differing passionate advocates of Brumby, Timor and Waler working together and respectfully (but passionately) discuss issues, challenges, observations and possible solutions to giving all the feral (wild) ponies/horses a go and chance in this country that we all call Australia.

How good is that!!!!!!

How often does that happen, I ask?

May we learn that only through efficient, honest, open, respectful and effective communication and understanding, and most importantly, UNDERSTANDING, empathy and tolerance (and the will to all work together on a common goal) can the impossible become possible.

Now, enough of my rant……. enjoy the pictures!!!!

The ponies did their breed and Nation proud!

Stallion Xanthos

Colt Banjo

Mare Indira

Imagine a 7 month old filly who has never left this place, nor having had the training to go anywhere and do anything apart from being a good citizen of my small horse community here, winning Supreme Champion!

Ningrum did it all like a pro! And strutted her stuff with assurance and confidence, like if she knew the importance and hope her birth brought with her!

(Very proud mumma here!!!!)” Barb Bleicher

Yes Barb, the pictures do tell the story. But you had to be there to feel the Vibe…

And to have the humble experience of seeing tiny little Ningrum parading around with the other giants of Rare Breeds in the competition for Champion of the Ring, after eyeballing the soon-to-be winner Fjord Pony (giant) Norton. And at the end of a long and incredibly stimulating day for her out amongst a throng of horses and people, strutting along back to the stables with her mum as if she had been a showie all her life.

Let’s hope as she matures she takes better care of her winning garlands (we all know there WILL be more), this one suffered a bit during the photo shoot LOL.

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