Topsy the Famous Performing Pony

Topsy was a famous performing pony – a Timor-Shetland cross, once a very popular cross. She stood 10.3 hands high. Performing through the 1940’s and ’50’s, Topsy was bred by Tom Dennis at Huntington stud, Dunbible, on the Tweed River northern NSW.

Wanneroo Ponies

A Timor Pony population was established at Wanneroo from the 1830’s and continued into the 20th century. Apparently, a Wanneroo Pony was the bees-knees for Perth children once.

‘Paddy’ English, and pony Pinto

We were very excited to be contacted by John Ellis via our website with a photograph of his grandfather mounted on a horse. John asked if the horse could possibly be a Waler, based on what he had been looking at on the website.