Wanneroo Ponies

Waler Data Base @ FaceBook. Image: Mustering Wanneroo Ponies, Western Mail, 27 January 1923

Just found reference to Wanneroo ponies, an area north of Perth in W.A; now a city.

A Timor Pony population was established at Wanneroo from the 1830’s and continued into the 20th century. Apparently, a Wanneroo Pony was the bees-knees for Perth children once.

Wanneroo Ponies

Joseph Perry used the Wanneroo Timors and some wild cattle he mustered to establish his fortune; he became a millionaire. Passed away in 1920.

Racing them either in gallops or trots was also popular, they invariably beat all comers. Perry held races in his own paddock, many came, it was a popular Easter activity.

article from Sunday Times, 23rd May, 1920

Wanneroo Ponies
Western Mail, 27 January 1923
Wanneroo Ponies

Article can be found via link below.

27 Oct 1949 – LORE LEGEND – Trove (nla.gov.au)

Extract from Western Mail, 27 October 1949

Cape had been led through the city with an effigy of the Governor on his back including at the show ring. Later in the day, the effigy was hung from a tree and burned, at which point Cape decided to take himself back to Wanneroo!

Wonder are any genetics still around? it appears the wild horses around there gradually got taller as other blood escaped and bred in. An annual muster was held. It shows how easily a breed or type is lost when nothing is done to keep them going.

A few news clippings included in this post. Almost no photos sorry but if anyone has any, we’d love to see them. There’s a film of a 1924 horse muster there but it’s not online. (JL)

Wanneroo Ponies
Wanneroo Ponies

George Cleverly won his first race with a Wanneroo Pony. He became a successful trainer, winning the Perth Cup among other top races.

Extract from Sunday Mail, 29 December 1935

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