Type: Heavy (Artillery)

A Pictorial Guide

Angela Tiede. Image: A prize winning decorated horse and cart on a showground at Adelaide. c. 1916. Searcy Collection, State Library S.A.

The heavy type of Waler once brought by far the highest prices at Kidman’s famous horse sales, being used for the Army and also for coaches, wheat and wool wagons etc. This type is now gone as far as we know (or at least in a domestic situation).

All we have left are the archival photographs from history, with just a handful of photos from the early days of efforts in the 1980s to establish a Waler studbook and save the breed (such as the examples shown below.)

We would love to add to the selection of photos here, so please if you had (or indeed still have) a heavy Waler in your care over the years we would treasure any photographs you would like to share here.

Check out the records for the horses pictured to see more about them: O’Malley, Federation and Billjim.

Posted by Angela Tiede

Educator and Waler advocate and owner since 2006.