On connecting with land and Waler

Light, air, wind, eyes on the horizon. The whispers of grasses on the volcanic plains.

I have enjoyed fifty years of fascination and adventure with photography. There is so much to revel in. Lenses, film, chemistry, circles of confusion interacting with digital sensors. The nature of light as it bends around the earth and bounces from one surface to another. The edges of the visible spectrum and beyond. The effect of time on image capture. What more could you want?

There is one thing that keeps me eternally coming back to the camera, which has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with environment and subject: connection.

The unfettered connection that is established with the world through a viewfinder is, for me, medicinal. When I say unfettered, I mean that if you allow yourself to do so, you can, for a fleeting moment, see, and feel, the world around you with a certain kind of purity. You can forget judgement, climate change, war, greed, poverty, the whole sorry mess.

Foal Indi with her mother Topsy
Foal Indi putting her face against her mother Topsy's belly.
Two beautiful Walers putting their heads together in friendship.

What a pleasure it is to find a contrast and respite in the company of Walers.

Indi wanting to learn photography

Angela Tiede notes that this photographer of few words has been visiting my Walers and capturing beautiful moments, when not being asked by curious equine souls ‘what are you doing?’! Filly foal Indi & her dam Topsy feature in this post, along with stallion Virtuoso & his son Enoch.

Posted by Susan McNab

Photographer, web developer