Newlands Enoch is a very personable lad, celebrating his eighth birthday in January 2023. He is currently busy eating down a firebreak with his paddock companion Tommy. Enoch was inclined to be pretty rude to wild captured Waler gelding Tommy when they were first introduced a year ago but quite quickly recognised that Tommy is still scared of humans so is much more supportive and understanding these days, they are good pals and hard workers.

See more photos and find out more details about Enoch by looking at his horse record.

If you have an interest in his ramblings on Facebook perhaps ask if he would be your friend. He posts photos and often talks about food, and life in his paddock.

He has been a chatty and sociable boy since the day he arrived, delivered in the middle of a rainy day by his dam Ballawinnie. His sire Virtuoso is also talkative but in a much quieter way.

Posted by Angela Tiede

Educator and Waler advocate and owner since 2006.