The Garden Station

The Garden Station is east of Alice Springs, snugged into the MacDonnell Ranges. It got its name as market gardens there once supplied the nearby mining community of Arltunga of some 300 people. It is now a cattle station.

Waler History Articles

Fascinating horse trading history by Janet Lane.
Immerse yourself in the riches of our horse trade to Japan, the Dutch East Indies, Siam, Abyssinia. Read about our early Horse Traders, and be ready to settle in for a fabulous insight into our early history.

Suffolk Punches to NT

Suffolk blood went to the NT with the first horses taken there, the bloodlines were Ned Bagot’s stallions, being the preferred draught for crossing with lighter mares.


The Roadster was an active, robust horse with excellent action – and good looking. They are an important ancestor of the Waler.

Early Arab Horses NT

A chronological record compiled from the archives, including some photos, bringing to life to our substantial horse history and the day-to-day antics.

Vale Reg Wilson

Reg was born in outback South Australia, his young years spent on Newcastle Waters – good water made it a welcome stopover for drovers. Legendary horses.

Ros Sexton

Recently Ros Sexton passed away. A true friend to many of us, Ros was passionate about Walers and made them her life’s work.